Welcome Karen Proctor

Town Administrator


Due to the retirement of Cheryl Kuechenmeister, the Town of Foxfield has a new Town Administrator.  Karen come to us from the City of Cherry Hills Village where she was Director of Finance and Administration for the past 15 years.     She was ready to transition into part-time work and is honored to have been selected as the new Town Administrator for Foxfield.


Karen will be working closely with the Board of Trustees and the Town Clerk.  She will be attending Board meetings so come and say hello to her. 

The next Board of Trustees meeting is Thursday, July 19.

Fireworks Ban

Arapahoe County has banned the sale and use of fireworks in unincorporated Arapahoe County due to the high fire danger.  The Town of Foxfield follows fireworks and open burning bans to keep its residents safe.  


This ban on fireworks is in effect for one year but may be rescinded if drought conditions improve.  The ban does not apply to professional fireworks displays supervised by South Metro Fire personnel.


Open Burning Ban

In addition to the Fireworks ban, the Arapahoe County Sheriff has announced an Open Burning Ban.  This is a ban on all open fires and open burning and the Town of Foxfield is specifically included in this announcement.


The following shall be exempt from the Open Burning Ban:

  • Fires contained within liquid fueled or gas stoves, fireplaces and wood burning stoves/fireplaces within habitable buildings.
  • Propane/LP/Natural Gas fueled barbeque grills used for cooking or warming food, which do not produce or emit sparks or embers when used.
  • Charcoal fueled grills and pits used for cooking or warming food, which do not produce or emit sparks or embers when used.
  • Propane/LP/Natural Gas fueled fire pits that do not produce or emit sparks or embers when used.
  • Fire set by any federal, state, or local officer, or member of a fire protection district in the performance of an official duty.
  • Public fireworks displays supervised by appropriate firefighting/public safety personnel and supported by adequate equipment assigned to be on the scene of such permitted public displays.

Election 2018


The election results have been certified.  The new Ward trustees are:


Ward 1 -- Scott Freas


Ward 2 -- Amy Snell-Johnson


Ward 3 -- Lori Finch


There was a 29% turnout in this election.


Thank you to the election judges who worked long hours to make this election a success.  Without Kay Heimbuck, Diane Skoglund and Chris Baumgartner, the election could not have taken place.

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