Board of Trustees Meetings

There will be a Study Session on Thursday, May 3 for Board Orientation, conducted by Town Attorney Corey Hoffmann.  The session is open to the public.


The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees is Thursday, May 17, 2018.  The meeting packet will be posted the week of the meeting.

Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees start at 6:30 p.m. and are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month (the December meeting is held on the second Thursday in December).  Most meetings are held at the South Metro Fire District Authority Station No. 42, 7320 S. Parker Road.


Meetings are also scheduled for the first Thursday of every month (except December).  Any one of these may become a regular meeting if necessary but they are intended to be study sessions and Ward or At-Large meetings.  

All meetings, except executive sessions, are open to the public.  Occasional special meetings are held as needed.  The Board relies upon the input of residents for many of the decisions they make.  Public comment is encouraged and should be limited to 4 minutes per speaker.


To view packets from recent meetings, click on Meeting Records > Packets.  To request meeting packets from older meetings, contact the Town Clerk.

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