4th of July 2019

The 4th of July Parade and Picnic, the premier social event of the year in Foxfield, was a rousing success.  Many thanks to Pam and Tim Thompson for hosting the picnic.  Pam Thompson was the primary organizer of the event and she did a fabulous job.  Amy Snell-Johnson did a great job with the parade.  Thank you to all the volunteers, without whom this event could not happen.  Good food (catered by Chef in a Box, owned by our own Leo and Vanessa Guzman), great company and a wonderful celebration of Foxfield's 25th anniversary.

Spring Clean-Up Day

Thank you

It was a rough start, but with patience, additional resources did arrive - the Dumpsters!   We had many helping hands like Amy, Brendan and Emer Johnson, volunteers Patti Heber, Richard Simons and Bonnie Burke (who even brought homemade cookies!), Yvonne & Dillon Lionette and Christa & Bryan Golding. There were a lot of neighbors helping neighbors as we filled every bin to the top. Foxfield powerhouses Gene Rolfson, Greg Anderson and Chris Scoville made sure everything was being compacted and every ounce of space utilized.  Terracare worked endlessly unloading and chipping branches.  Republic delivered and removed bins seamlessly.  Pam & Gene, our scrap metal collectors, left with a full load!  Unfortunately we had to turn residents away because the day started with a flurry and the bins filled up fast.  Thanks to Danae Johnson for the extra hands when exhaustion hit and tear down began.  But the showers held off until the containers were removed.  Whew!  

Special thanks to Pam Thompson for organizing the site and the volunteers and making sure everything ran as smoothly as possible.  Thanks to Randi for coordinating Republic, Terracare and scrap metal collection.  Thank you to everyone who helped provide another Foxfield Clean-Up Day which is greatly appreciated by our residents! 

Annual Parade and Picnic 2018

4th of July


The Independence Day Parade and Picnic was held on

Wednesday, July 4, 2018.  A good time was had by all.

Annual Parade and Picnic 2017

4th of July


The Independence Day Parade and Picnic was held on

Tuesday, July 4, 2017.  The parade was lots of fun and everyone had a

great time at the picnic.

Independence Day Parade/Picnic

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped make the Parade and Picnic a rousing success:


Melissa and Curt Watson, Lisa Jones, Chris Brown, Ryan and Sharon Tiraschi, Richard Simons, Bryan Taylor, Greg Shank, Pam Thompson, Sharon Sager, Sherri Hanley, Nikki Montano, Sky Yost, Doug and Roxann Headley, Susan Current, Brendan and Amy Johnson (and their daughter Danae), Bruce Robinson, Debby Farreau, Pat Kooi, Carolyn Green, Leon Goodman -- and everyone else who jumped in and helped when it was needed.

Independence Day Parade & Picnic

Saturday, July 4, 2015



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