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Are you missing out on the fun, help, freebies, and news?  Nextdoor is a private website for your neighborhood.  On this site, neighbors share recommendations, items for free/sale, ideas, and more. We've discussed Internet speeds, needs for help, free cabinets, good roofers, and more. Please help us build a more connected neighborhood!  


Looking for help shoveling snow?  Ask on Nextdoor!  Need a new roof?  Get recommendations for contractors from your neighbors on Nextdoor.  Looking for a group to play bridge?  Ask on Nextdoor.  Lost (or found) a dog?  Post it on Nextdoor.


Patti Shank, a Foxfield resident, has invited you to join this private website.  Visit, use invitation code UVCSND.


Over 200 of us are talking online!

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Town of Foxfield, Colorado