The Town of Foxfield does not require contractor licensing.


If you are planning to start a construction project (new construction, addition, remodel, accessory building, basement finish, roofing, deck, fence, driveway, culvert, grading, custom mailbox, swimming pools, hot tubs, work in the Town Right-of-Way, etc), you will need to submit a permit application.  No project may be started until a permit has been approved.


Before planning any project be sure to consult the zoning regulations in Chapter 16 of the Municipal Code (click on the link below) and submit the appropriate permit application(s) that may be required. Failure to comply with Town Building Regulations or failure to obtain a permit could result in a fine and stop work order. Town regulations may be found in the Municipal Code on this website or may be obtained from the Town Clerk.

Chapter 16 Zoning Regulations
011_CHAPTER 16 Zoning.pdf
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Types of Permits:  In general, there are five types of permits that may be required.  Applications for each of these permits can be found on the Permits Application tab on the left.  A brief description of each may be found below:

     1.  Building Permit

     2.  Fence Permit

     3.  Overlot Grading Permit

     4.  Right-of-Way Use Permit

     5.  Sign Permit


Building Permit: All building projects, builders and contractors are required to comply with the Uniform Building Code in addition to specific requirements and design standards as adopted in the Town of Foxfield Zoning Regulations.   Town of Foxfield building regulations differ from those of Arapahoe County and should be reviewed prior to starting a project. Building permits are issued by SAFEbuilt Inc.

In addition to satisfying zoning requirements, all accessory structures with a footprint greater than 120 square feet in area (barns, garages, sheds, etc) must incorporate specific design requirements as stated in the Town of Foxfield Zoning Regulations.  Architectural rendering, elevation drawings, and site plans for all proposed accessory structures must be submitted to the Town for review and approval prior to applying for a building permit. Contact SAFEBuilt for submittal requirements (contact information is on the Permit Applications tab).

Fence Permit:  A fence permit is required for all new fences, and for the repair or replacement of any portion of a fence if the repair or replacement changes the appearance, location or style. It is a property owner’s responsibility to ensure that a fence is constructed within the property boundaries. Property pins should be located prior to construction or replacement of any fence along a property line. Fence permits are issued by SAFEbuilt Inc.


Overlot Grading Permit:  May be required when changing the contour of the surface of a property.  This includes grading associated with building permits, placement of fill material, cutting or reshaping a slope, berms, landscaping or revising the area and/or point of discharge of surface drainage to adjacent property.  


An Overlot Grading Permit is required if any one of the following conditions occurs:


    1. The area of grading is greater than ten thousand (10,000) square feet;


    2. More than 100 cubic yards of fill material is imported or placed from on site cut;


    3. The proposed grading increases or changes the historical flow of surface water to adjacent lots or the Town rights-of-way; or


    4. The disturbed area is within 75 feet of an existing drainage way, floodplain, or wetlands as determined by the Town Engineer.


The permit is issued by the Town Engineer.


Right-of-Way (ROW) Use Permit: Required for all work performed in the Right-of-Way (ROW) including driveways, culverts, custom mailboxes, etc. (see ROW information).  Permit is issued by the Town Engineer.

Sign Permit:  Required for any commercial sign in the Town of Foxfield.  Sign permit applications should be submitted to the Town Clerk.

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